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Our dynamic travel team work hard to think of all the finishing touches that will make a difference so we offer much more than just flights. Everything from chauffeur driven cars, hotel accommodations, car rental, to premium lounges and entertainment.  Your dedicated account manager is on call day and night to deal with any last minute bookings or schedule changes. And our 24 hour operations department constantly monitors for weather, air traffic delays and any other problems so we can anticipate changes to your schedule and make plans accordingly.  

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With Elite Travel, it is all about the service and experience to you, our customers.

We have more experience than any other private aviation company, and our success is a result of our dedication to providing high quality, tailored charter solutions to our customers.  When you book a private jet through Elite, you will enjoy world-class services, luxurious in-flight accommodations, customized flight plans, and complete transparency.

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Elite Fleet is an aircraft charter broker.  It is not a direct air carrier and does not operate any aircraft.  All flights are operated by licensed air carriers and foreign air carriers.  Passengers are covered by aircraft operator's insurance.  All services are subject to the terms and conditions available at Elite Fleet Aircraft Charter.