A Few Words From Elite Fleet Travel

Chartering private jets has never been more affordable and accessible.

How do you know which private jet charter company to choose from?

How can you find the best price in a market notorious for hidden fees and surcharges?

At Elite Fleet, we’re revolutionizing private air travel. We offer all the same private jets at airports around the world for a fraction of the cost and a flat fee; with no extra or hidden costs.

When it comes to flexibility, other companies just can’t compete with us.

Our competitors hate us, but you’ll love us. 

Elite Fleet Aircraft Charter

Specifications And Performance

  • Two Crewmembers
  • Maximum Seven Passengers
  • Maximum Takeoff Gross Weight 21,000lbs.
  • Maximum Baggage Capacity 500lbs (400lbs for passengers)
  • Planned Cruise Mach .76M
  • Maximum Speed 464 knots True Airspeed or .81M
  • Range Approximately 1,500nm